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BladeTrade Unveiled - Get to Know Us Better

BladeTrade offers a high-tech trading platform for digital currencies, using advanced algorithms and supervised by experienced investment managers. We've been supporting digital asset management institutions since 2018 and are now opening access to retail investors through our exclusive platform in 2023.

One Investment, Limitless Trading!

Unlock 3%+ monthly growth for your digital assets with our cutting-edge platform.

One Investment, Limitless Trading!

Unlock 3%+ monthly growth for your digital assets with our cutting-edge platform.


Possible Strategies

Our highly versatile backtester has enabled us to test an extensive array of strategies and indicators, uncovering the most effective and systematized trading approaches.


Unique Indicator Streams

Our Algorithms meticulously track and monitor the market, blockchain, and newsfeeds to identify unique indicators leading to actionable insights. The fusion of social and on-chain analysis renders it entirely unparalleled in the market.


Coin Trades

Track analytics for the top twenty trading pairs to find profitable trades.

Trades 3.2


From 2018 until now, our perfected algorithm has executed precisely over 3.2 million trades.


Risk Managment

We prioritize risk management, ensuring your investments are protected.

Diversification Diversificationent

Benefit from a diversified portfolio that maximizes growth potential.

Expert Trading Strategories

Our algorithm employs expert strategies to outperform the market.

24/7 Monitoring

Enjoy round-the-clock monitoring to seize opportunities as they arise.

Emotion-Free Trading

Our algorithm employs expert strategies to outperform the market.

Perfomance Based Commissions

Our algorithm employs expert strategies to outperform the market.

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Who Is Bladetrade Built for?

BladeTrade offers a managed algorithm, making it effortless for crypto newcomers to invest with zero hassle and knowledge. Investing in crypto has never been this easy!
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Whether you seek swift trades or strategic positioning, BladeTrade's Profit Sharing can assist in diversifying and streamlining your crypto trading journey.
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If you're a financial insitution or experienced trader reach out to our Support team below.
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Invest now

Create your BladeTrade account, its totally free and you get a 14 day trial


Deposit a minimum of $1000 USD in crypto to get started


Let the algorithms do their job, and check the results


Frequently Asked Questions

How long until I see profits?

Once your account is connected to the algorithm you’ll start seeing profits within 24 hours.

How much capital do I need to open an account

The minimum account balance required is $1000.

What are the benefits of using BladeTrade Alghoritm

Our platform offers numerous advantages, providing you with access to a meticulously developed algorithm. This algorithm has undergone thousands of hours of rigorous back-testing, ensuring its perfection and consistent delivery of exceptional returns.

Why have I not heard of you before?

Until October 2022, our algorithms were exclusively accessible to financial institutions, which is also why we do not have a presence on social media.

What are the tax implications of using BladeTrade?

You are responsible for your taxes, and if you have any questions or concerns regarding taxes, we advise you to consult a professional for guidance.

How do I monitor the performance of my account?

After signing up, you will gain access to our platform, allowing you to monitor your account easily.

Are there any fees or costs associated with using the platform?

Indeed, we charge a monthly performance fee based on a high-watermark principle. If you have any inquiries about fees, please don't hesitate to reach out to your account manager for clarification.

Are your algorithms suitable for beginners?

Absolutely, our automated trading algorithms are perfect for beginners. Everything is fully automated, so the only input required from you is monetary investment.

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